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Kids think we're better off dead

Schools brainwash children into preferring non-existence

A 12-year-old girl has responded with the stunning “I wish we didn’t exist” to questions about how she feels about pollution and humanity’s impact on the earth, according to a new video released by Brian Sussman, author of “Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda will Dismantle America.”
Green-Washing a Young Mind

It's time to take back your State Government.

Governor Brown wants to raise your taxes in his ballot measures. This initiative wants to simplify Sacramento and make Sacramento smaller not bigger.

Citizen Legislature has submitted a proposal to the state Attorney General, for the November 2012 General Election Ballot, that would switch our full-time legislature to a part-time legislature.
This initiative purposes that:

The legislature only meet for a maximum 90 days per year;
A two-year balanced budget with the first year of each legislative session strictly
dedicated to adopting a two-year budget;
Dramatically lower legislators' salaries to $1500/month from almost $8000/month
A five year waiting period before termed-out, retired, or defeated legislators may be
appointed to any state-paid governmental position or paid employment as a
lobbyist of state government. They will have to make a living in a non-state job.

The legislature will meet for just enough time to handle the people's business and
then return to their districts and their regular jobs to live under the rules they make like
regular citizens - that's why it is titled 'The Citizen Legislative Act.' this is truly public service.

They will need 807,000 signatures from voters to make the November Ballot.

Please sign the petition attached to this website and return it to
People's Advocate, 3407 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA. 95825
Don't Delay, Do It Today. 
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